Unfavourable conditions such as cold, wind, wet and darkness don’t only take a significant toll on you, but also on your workwear.

KÜBLER WEATHER workwear is specifically designed for these extreme work conditions. Whether wind and waterproof materials or optimum cold and visibility protection - all our product lines are exceptionally tough, breathable and supplemented by numerous functional details that are sure to assist you in any challenge.

With KÜBLER WEATHER workwear you can look forward to your next outdoor job.


Tackle any challenge with the wind at your back:

The windproof products from KÜBLER. 

Breathable and windproof is no contradiction. Especially not with our innovative products from the windproof collection, which make any storm into a light breeze thanks to their high-end softshell materials.

Our warmest recommendation:

The windproof products from KÜBLER.

Now, rain, showers, snow and cold don’t matter anymore, thanks to our weather jackets, blousons and vests that offer reliable protection in all weather conditions. Heat insulating, water-repelling and breathable.

Don’t be caught out in the rain:

The rain protection products from KÜBLER.

Are things going from bad to worse? Not a problem for the KÜBLER rain protection products. Damp, wet weather conditions don’t stand a chance against our top-end, waterproof materials and zippers. Whether you're out in a drizzle, persistent rain or downpour - you always stay dry.

Doppeljacke Skytex PSA 1

Double Jacket SKYTEX® PPE 1

Article No.: 1389 5319-4699

Weather Waistcoat

Weather Waistcoat

Article No.: 7668 5320-48

Softshell Vest

Softshell Vest

Article No.: 7041 7322-9799

Fleece-Softshell Jacke

Fleece-Softshell Jacket

Article No.: 1767 9411-9996


Knitted Jacked

Article No.: 1741 9511-9899

Zipper-Set Neon

Zipper-Set Neon

Article No.: 8807 9121-34


Fleece Jacket

Article No.: 1242 5369-48


Rain Trousers PPE 1

Article No.: 2142 5368-99

Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket

Article No.: 1167 5319-5599

Weather Vest

Weather Vest

Article No.: 7168 5319-4999

Jacke Edelweiß

Jacket Edelweiß

Article No.: 1042 5421-98

Softshell Jacke

Softshell Jacket

Article No.: 1241 7322-9799