Blauer Anton is probably the best-known term for classic workwear. It is also the beginning of the KÜBLER story. As a family business, we have been developing and producing since 1956. Thanks to great experience and tradition, but also to a lot of enthusiasm, passion and innovative power, we have succeeded in making work safer and setting new trends for 60 years.


In Schorndorf, Paul H. Kübler, a trained textile merchant, fulfils a dream in 1956. Together with his wife Liesel and five seamstresses, he begins to produce workwear.

At first, the workwear was limited to suits, dungarees and coats. Safety clothing for road maintenance staff was soon added.


KÜBLER meets the demands of the rapidly developing industry and soon has to build new production facilities due to the high demand. 

The company grows rapidly and employs 70 people in Schorndorf.

The Clipo fastener, used for bib straps, is patented and becomes the most important product.


KÜBLER is the market leader in coloured workwear.


The first production cooperations with Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are agreed.

At the same time, the company expands to Plüderhausen, 7 km away, where the company headquarters are still located today. The administration, warehouse, cutting and shipping departments occupy an area of over 4,000 m².

The demand is great, because workwear ranges from the guild rules for butchers with striped shirts to robust Trenker corduroy trousers for carpenters and joiners to the uniforms of flight personnel or the police.


The first cooperation agreements are signed with production facilities in the Far East.

The range is continuously expanded so that almost all occupational groups can be served with workwear.


After the takeover of five production companies from the Hungarian trust and extensive investments in production halls, the independent production company Kübler Konfekcioipari Kft is founded in Hungary.


KÜBLER expands and modernises. The new high-performance warehouse and logistics centre at the Plüderhausen site is inaugurated and offers space for more than 650,000 garments. 

Order picking is carried out by forklift trucks via a high-bay warehouse. The workwear is packed and dispatched on up to 5 packing lines.


The "work & fashion" division of the clothing manufacturer KEMPEL is taken over. 

The company, originally founded in 1890 as Kempel & Leibfried A.G., is one of the oldest ready-to-wear manufacturers of workwear and also one of the largest at the time. 

In the 1990s, the company went into difficulties and in 1996, until it was taken over by KÜBLER, it was in danger of going out of business for good.


KÜBLER's fiftieth anniversary is celebrated at a large ceremony with suppliers, customers and employees.


Kempel relocates the company headquarters from Bad Urach to the Plüderhausen site at KÜBLER.


The two brands KÜBLER and KEMPEL are merged. All sales and other business activities are bundled and integrated under the umbrella brand KÜBLER.


Today, KÜBLER employs over 230 people at its Plüderhausen site. Over 30 of these are highly qualified seamstresses who are employed in the company's own production. 

KÜBLER is one of the leading manufacturers of workwear and protective clothing in Europe.