Protective clothing according to this standard specification provides protection against cuts in the leg area that can occur when working with hand-held chainsaws. The protective effect is achieved by blocking the chainsaw. The degree of protection depends on many factors: Speed of the chainsaw, torque of the motor, intensity and duration of contact with the working tool, angle of impact of the bar on the fabric, working position, etc.

EN 381-5

Cut protection clothing is labelled with a pictogram symbolising a chainsaw. The pictogram must be attached to the clothing in a clearly visible place.

Three designs are defined depending on the size of the protected area:

Design A+B

Essentially aimed at well-trained, professional chainsaw operators for use in normal timber harvesting work. The protection area is almost exclusively in the front area of the cut protection trousers.

Design C

Intended for people who only rarely work with a chainsaw (e.g. THW, fire brigade). Design C cut protection trousers are equipped with cut protection on the front and back and thus offer all-round protection.

A distinction is made between 3 protection classes:

Class 1: 

Chainsaw speed up to 20 m/s

Class 2: 

Chain saw speed up to 24 m/s

Class 3: 

Chain saw speed up to 28 m/s


No cut protection clothing can provide absolute protection against injuries caused by the chainsaw!


  • Only the outer fabric of the cut protection clothing may be repaired. The cut protection insert must not be damaged in the process.
  • The cut protection trousers must not be shortened.
  • Cut protection clothing with damaged or altered cut protection inserts must no longer be used and must be disposed of immediately.
  • The protective instructions in the information brochure for protective clothing enclosed with the products must be strictly observed.
  • In case of non-compliance with the instructions and the resulting loss of the protective function, any liability on the part of KÜBLER is excluded.