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Every workwear outfit needs a practical and functional work jacket. Large pockets for a smartphone or notebook, small pockets for pens and screws - every tool has its place in the workjacket or the practical work coat . KÜBLER Workwear offers numerous different models in various colours. Most of our work jackets have elastic inserts, soft cuffs, large open spaces for company emblems or even reflective elements. The waist jacket is the matching counterpart to the work trousers, while the work coat is even more specifically assigned to a craftsman .


What makes a good work jacket?

Safe, dirt-repellent, durable, robust and perfectly suited to everyday working life - that's what makes a good work jacket . The variety of KÜBLER work jackets clearly shows how every job profile and different working environments are catered for. The waist jacket is the matching counterpart to the waist trousers and has largely replaced one-piece work overalls . While the work coat or work overalls can largely be assigned to a craftsman , the work jacket is all-encompassing and is geared to the respective occupations via its cuts, colours and gadgets.

Basically, the work jacket has to fit the field of application. For many workers, the trend is moving away from the classic waistband jacket to the softshell jacket  - as a functional jacket for everyday work. These softshell jackets offer a windstop effect and are also breathable, a light shower or dripping water simply rolls off. 

Depending on taste, work waistcoats can also be worn as simple windstoppers or in combination with the waistband jacket according to the warming onion principle.  However,work waistcoats also have another purpose - a large number of pockets can provide storage space close to the body so that, for example, smartphones, tools or pens are always within easy reach.

Kübler protective jackets - for more safety in everyday life

work jacket for road traffic should not be without warning colours and reflective stripes, visibility can save lives. All KÜBLER high-visibility jackets are equipped with reflective stripes in body language look according to the existing safety standard EN 20471 for high-visibility protection and thus offer increased visibility. Although a warning jacket is not required in workshops or welding shops , the right protective jacket is also of great importance here. Hot or liquid waste and dirt particles must be optimally drained and must not penetrate the work jacket . Equally important when working on electrical equipment or distribution boxes is protection against the thermal hazard of an arc fault  - regulated in the protection standard IEC 61482-1-2.

Weather jackets in bad weather

In varying weather conditions, the onion look is the order of the day for windproof work jackets. The various KÜBLER weather jackets can be perfectly combined with matching functional underwear, T-shirtssoftshell jackets or sweatshirts . For cold temperatures, we offer our lined work jackets in the range. These winter jackets are very important for outdoor jobs and protect the body from cooling down. A work parka is also a winter jacket, but it is cut much longer than an ordinary weather jacket or the even shorter waistband jacket.