Knee pads



Our accessories make any workwear complete. Whether underneath or on top - with our functional underwear, our work sockswork glovesbeltscaps and work aprons as well as many other accessories you can add a special touch to your workwear. The special KÜBLER knee pad, which is certified according to the protection standard EN 14404 , can also be found under accessories. Correct knee protection is only guaranteed if the combination of work trousers and knee protection pad is certified together.
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Kneepads (pair)
Art.-Nr.: 8108 9119 | Form: 8108
Functional designUniversal size Length: 25 cm, width 15 cm, height 2 cmPacked in pairsCertified acc. to EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010 Type 2, Level 1 in connection with the corresponding product (please note the information in the Item description)

Kneepads Multinorm (pair)
Art.-Nr.: 8107 9120 | Form: 8107
Made from synthetic cellular rubberWater resistantPads must be removed from the work trousers before cleaning, washing, drying and ironingOne size: Width: Approx. 25 cm, Length: Approx. 15 cm, Depth: Approx. 1.7 cm, suitable for all certified clothing sizesSold in pairsCertified acc. to EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010 Type 2, Level 1 in connection with the corresponding product (please note the information in the Item description)

Areas of application

Everyday working life demands maximum performance and the highest level of concentration - whatever the weather. KÜBLER Workwear offers workwear for top performers. Durability, visibility, ergonomics, wearing comfort, material and of course design play an important role. Only workwear that is individually adapted to the work and has been developed with practical relevance can ensure optimum use. A carpenter needs different features on his work trousers than a welder, an electrician has different demands on his work jacket than a painter. We at KÜBLER have understood that not all workwear is the same. A multitude of individual protection standards for risky jobs at airy heights, with electrical voltages and much more, are the basis of our KÜBLER Workwear in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE protective clothing) - because safety comes first for us. KÜBLER Workwear offers the right workwear for every application. However, workwear is not always just work trousers and a work jacket. At KÜBLER you can get the complete range of outdoor clothing and indoor clothing for warm and cold weather, rain, snow and heat. Whether weather jackets or high-visibility jacketssweatshirtswork dungareeswork shorts or knee pads - our collections of workwear are targeted developments, adapted to the respective working conditions of labourers, industrial workers and craftsmen. 

From A for workwear to Z for accessories

When it comes to modern and innovative workwear, we at KÜBLER Workwear are completely in our element. When it comes to workwear, we provide sophisticated product lines for industry and crafts, the competent PPE protective clothing or eye-catching warning protective clothing. The best accessories for workwear are of course included!