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Work trousers from KÜBLER not only look good, numerous colour variants are also perfectly coordinated.

Finding the right work trousers is no simple matter. Often a pair of work trousers has to work for a variety of different professions. The size, cut, material, functions and of course the look of a pair of work trousers are all important. The more different the professions and the everyday work requirements for work trousers are, the more flexible and powerful the respective work trousers must be. Our KÜBLER work trousers are developed precisely to meet the needs of working life and look fantastic at the same time. For every weather and every job, KÜBLER offers numerous work trousers with different functions, fabric types and fits. When we talk about work trousers, we mean functional trousers for every situation at or on the job!

Professional work trousers for a wide range of tasks - functionality in every fibre!

For forest workers, cut protection trousers are very important, and here the work trousers in the KÜBLER FOREST line with the necessary cut protection  for cutting and sawing work provide an important part of the personal protective equipment. For a tiler or floor layer,floor laying trousers with knee pads are essential, which is why many of the KÜBLER work trousers are equipped with knee protection pockets made of CORDURA®. The matching knee pads for work trousers can be found at KÜBLER under accessories. Which work trousers or waistband trousers of our work trousers can be equipped with knee protection are marked according to the protection standard EN 14404 .

The work trousers: no true original, but very many variants

In addition to cargo trousers, the classic jeans, inspired by the cowboys of the Midwest, are designed for ranch work and the associated demands for maximum abrasion resistance yet comfort Work trousers. Cargo trousers, on the other hand, originate from the military sector in the 1930s and were intended to offer the highest functionality for the military at that time, but were still always made of cotton and therefore not always optimally suited as work trousers or functional trousers. Nevertheless, the cut of classic Work trousers nevertheless, the cut of classic work trousers can still be found today in outdoor or simpler work trousers and, with its patch pockets, has laid the foundation for many craft trousers. The earliest designation of work trousers, however, has been work bib trousers since the 1950s, because they were widely used in industry and had advantages in terms of standardised sizes. Thus, many workers had to have less exact waist sizes due to the bib, but this led to airier work trousers - leaving the fashion aspect aside! Later this was perfected, so that in addition to Waistband trousers also Work trousers also have a close-fitting cut. So you can see very quickly: work trousers are so much more than just trousers for work. They are Work trousersthey are also functional trousers for the demands of daily work, whether for hobbies, leisure or work.